Keynote Presentation

"Everything You Do IMPACTS Someone!" - Randy Royall

Randy Royall will share his personal, intimate story of how one person can go from having so much to losing almost everything in a split second. Randy has shared this story to over one million people over the past eight years. In addition, Randy has worked in the petroleum/chemical industry 35 plus years mostly as a safety professional. He is also an OSHA SGE, professional auctioneer, professional emcee, identical twin, devoted father and husband. His greatest accomplishments are his successful children and having the best wife in the world for the past 35 years. Randy will have you laughing, crying and wanting more. His message is simple; Everything You Do IMPACTS Someone!

Concurrent Sessions

"Inspection and Proper Donning/Doffing of Personal Body Harness" - Tom Dillon, Miller by Honeywell
"911 is Not Your Rescue Plan" - Keith Bobbit, City of Houston Fire Department
"Slips, Trips and Falls" - Jim Shelton, OSHA
"Equipment Misuse" - Nolan Miller

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